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A shooting Experience with NickΒ  and Model, Grace !! And we meet again later in Studio …. so lovely inside and out πŸ™‚

5DMKIV – Collection of my first images

The Native L series Canon Lenses are fairing better , much better, in fact tack sharp (need to be absolutely sure of aperture choice though as it is much more emphasized) and better than the SIGMA 85mm f1.4 I have …. At first the Images had these bizzare rings on the image, but a quick google allowed me to switch off the peripheral illumination correction and it was ok – though this only shows on the jpegs not the raw themselves. Though Chromatic aberration is very visible particular at f1.4 using the sigma…..

Here are some test shots … using both the sigma 85mm f1.4 and the Canon 70-200 f4…spot the difference πŸ™‚
Working with Flash is also a very pleasant experience …the candles are a nice example of how crisp and clean the image is …
nb:  raw images have been used, some processed (converting to TIFF using DPP then in lightroom Until Adobe Raw support comes through), some straight from camera then converted to jpg for loading to this website.
ps. 4 more “wow factor” processed images from the 5dmk4….
UnProcessed Images
Processed Images